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You attorneys are great!  The insurance company didn't want to pay enough, so you went to court and tried my case before a judge and jury and got a great verdict.  More than I ever expected!

Anybody who has an accident can't do better than going to Bernstone and Grieco, Attorneys at Law.

Thanks for being great attorneys!

- Mohamed Ahmed

Dear Lawyers:

When I had my accident I never thought I'd get as much money as your law firm got for me. You really did well for me.

Thank you.

- Very truly yours, Brahima Cisse

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of you for your devotion and skill in handling my lawsuit.  My accident was absolutely tragic.  The care and attention you gave to me and my wife was very supportive. The settlement you got on our behalf was more than expected. Being a client of yours truly changed my life and I’m pleased that I chose Bernstone and Grieco.

It was very reassuring that your attorneys kept me apprised of everything happening in my case.  I consistently received letters and phone calls informing me of court appearances and settlement discussions.  I never once had to ask for a status report, they came regularly.

I wish all lawyers were as attentive and caring about their clients as yours are.  My hats off to Bernstone and Grieco, Attorneys at Law.

- Rabbi Yishaya Benjaminson

Dear Mr. Bernstone and Ms. Grieco,

Thank you for all of your help with my legal case.  As you know, I was really hurt, injured permanently, but I was scared about filing a lawsuit.  But I made the really correct choice by going with Bernstone and Grieco.  You all helped me to understand how the court system works.  Without your help, I would have been really lost.  It was even great that you have a Chinese-speaking paralegal because she helped me a lot with everything.  The whole time, your lawyers explained all the legal steps and what they actually meant.  Your firm is a very, very special law firm and it really shows!  You helped make me feel safe in a legal system that I don’t know anything about. 

Money could never make up for all the pain and suffering I went through, and what I will still suffer.  But, the big award that you recovered for me made me feel positive that I chose the best attorneys in New York City.  Thanks to all of you.

- Soo Har Chow


Your team is so competent, friendly and they always go above and beyond.  Also, the fact that some of your staff spoke Spanish made it even easier for my family and I to always understand everything that was going on. 

Every time I called the office to get a status update on my case, I either got the answer I was looking for or had my call returned within a few minutes!  That made it easier on me and helped me understand the whole process of my lawsuit.

As you can imagine, suffering like I did from my accident was so terrible and I was so nervous about filing a lawsuit!  But your office made me feel calm and confident throughout, and guided me all the way.  Your law office did a fabulous job for me.  My case is over and I’m very satisfied and very happy with my settlement.  It’s huge.  Your office is as good as it gets!

- Martina Garcia

Personal injury attorneys who care about their clients.

- Matthew S.

Mr. Alvin Berstone is an excellent Attorney. He had handled a case for me years ago, also for my family members. Mr. Bernstone is well educated in the field of law. I have referred several clients to him, they were all overly-pleased with Mr. Bernstone's service. Everytime I have referred him a client, I have received a thank you letter. I have called Mr. Bernstone several times, and he was always willing to speak with me over the phone, or if he was with another client, Mr. Bernstone returned my called in a timely matter. I lost two very special people in my life, and Mr. Bernstone and his staff were there for me. I will never forget him and his office staff for this. (Attorney, Lisa Greico & Attorney Peter Crowley). If you need an Attorney (Personal Injury) etc. Mr. Bernstone will help you. You won`t regret his service; you will be over-excited. Mr. Bernstone's Office Staff is also awesome.

- Lillie Britton

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